About us

Wildzone Productions

Wildzone Productions, and its production services division, FILMS IN INDIA, are award winning production companies with providing services all over in India, Dubai, London, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, Europe etc.

person holding black DSLR camera
person holding black DSLR camera

Wildzone Productions has worked and collaborated with some of the most acclaimed talents, reputed brands and respected production companies from across the globe. We represent a group of world class talent that excel in their diverse approaches to storytelling, visual styles, performance genres. Our experienced, skillful & committed production team strives to support these talents, known for their creative excellence and award winning work, and get the best out of them enabling to transform a vision or an idea into reality on image.

The promoters of Wildzone represent a perfect blend of creativity and business and have more than 7-8 years of experience in the profession.

Our aim is make a project and its vision “the best it can be” – through an experience that is smooth and enjoyable but with results that are unique, successful and momentous. Our aim is to find intriguing stories, develop them into scripts and finally transform them into unforgettable experiences on the silver screen.

Together with experience and skill; strong inherent values such as integrity, trust, commitment, and powerful work ethics are Magic Hour Films’ mantra.